Monday, 24 August 2009

One of the toughest questions

Something I have been toiling with over the last year and a bit is the subject of homosexuality, and how it works within the church. The common stance on homosexuality is taken by my friend Sam, here. The less common, but equally valid side is expounded here, written by an anonymous lady, but posted by my friend Phil.

I struggle. I agree with Sam to an extent, but am utterly ashamed of how he deals with the issue. But upon reading the heartfelt words of Phil's friend, I find it difficult to find a leg to stand on.

I want to love. That's what I want to do. And I think, I think, that if I'm to do that, I need to change my ideas. All I feel I can do is to pray and ask the good Lord above to love like he loves. I hope that if I love like Him, I will be closer to the right answer than to the wrong one.

I do hope that anything I have said hasn't opened any wounds, nor burnt any bridges. I know there are people that will read this who will be hurt by Sam's words, or offended by what was posted on Phil's blog. I pray that as a church communal, we praise God for each others' differences, and learn how to live with each other.


philgroom said...

Thanks David. Sam's little rant is rather sad ... sadder still that he seems to find it so easy to condemn and damn those with whom he differs.

Where is the love there?

Ironically, it seems that Sam is not only reading a different Bible but also seems to be following a different Jesus: Matthew 5:22 anyone?


Scott Miles said...

Definitely a part of the answer: to love as Jesus would love.

Thanks for this little post Dave.

fromthesamesky said...

Great post. Am really glad to see your honesty here about your own uncertainty (that is certainly where I am too!)

Love is the thing.