Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Soul Survivor II

So, day two of Soul Survivor. I have experienced the first evening meeting (fun), first Toolshed experience (funner), and food bought for us by LST (funnest).

The meeting last night was good – thousands of people worshiping together in a big tent, experiencing a little bit of heaven. It’s easy to be cynical about Soul Survivor (me), and it’s just as easy to get caught up in the wave of emotion and excitement and, dare I say it, hype (everyone under 18). Somewhere in the middle there needs to be a balance of enjoying the experience of Soul Survivor, and acknowledging it’s bad points.

For instance – it’s fantastic that hundreds of kids make a commitment to follow Jesus. However, where do these kids go? It’s easy for Soul Survivor to provide someone to pray with them, but is the assumption that the youth groups automatically take on these kids that have ‘become Christians’?

Despite that, and a few other quibbles, there’s a genuine sense of worship here – this is church, just as camp was church, just as Scott and I sitting outside our tent wondering if the Temple cultus can be compared to somewhere like Soul Survivor, and asking if it would make a good PhD, is church.

God’s not limited by numbers, nor is he limited by me. And thankfully, nor is he limited by Soul Survivor

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