Monday, 11 May 2009

Yeah... and what?

The internet has lost its lustre. I come online. I check the intranet and my emails. I check the BBC News website. I check my blog/others in my blog roll. I check Twitter. I sometimes look at Facebook. But it's such a nothingness. It's so vacuous. Keeping in contact with people is great. But this endless dance of communication, keeping up with one another on a permanent basis - it just holds no enjoyment any longer. Perhaps it never did, but the novelty still endeared me to it all.

This doesn't mean I'll be giving it up, mind. Which, in itself, is even more frustrating. It's not to say I have nothing else to do, but more that the internet is no longer a new thing. Being permanently connected is not as fun as we once thought.

The irony of all this, of course, is that I'm telling you all (all being my 15 followers, and I shan't hold out hope that you'll all read it) via my blog, via the internet, keeping you up to date with my thoughts, just so you know what I think.

We're kinda stuck, and it'd be nice to get out.


Elizabeth said...
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Amy said...

I completely agree with you. I tend to do Facebook, check my Google Reader and my Ebay auctions, maintain my sites (small but plentiful updates) and then I'm off.
I've found that by closing the laptop lid and not staying online just in case someone replies, I'm weaning myself off the internet.
Only just mind, but I'm getting there. When there's nothing new left to see, it's just not as exciting anymore.

Aaron said...

Cancel your internet connection then. =p

David said...

Which part of 'I'm not giving it up' slipped past your enormously malnourished intellect?