Friday, 8 May 2009

This week

So, swine flu never really materialised, did it? I bet the Mail was gutted - less to panic about than they would have liked. I often wonder, after reading whatever ridiculous figures and comparisons tabloids came up with as to how many people might die in such a pandemic, that readers of them don't think, 'Hang on, a week ago I read an article that claimed up to 400,000 Britons could die. None have. Does this mean that the Mail is full of crap, and I should stop reading it?'

The media annoys me beyond belief. But without them, we're completely scuppered.


The other annoying piece of news this week is the whole farce about the Gurkhas. Why are we so willing to borrow our way out of an economic crisis of our own making, but - and at the risk of sounding Very Tabloidy - when it comes to our soldiers, do we not provide for them?

I cannot wait for the General Election.


In me news, this week has been pretty dire. A funeral, a dissertation, a lost football match, and revision looming. However, I soon will get my head out of my arse and consider others. Meanwhile, I feel horrible. Sorry.

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Kat said...

love from waverly

p.s. i like how you know lots about the news.

I don't read it enough.