Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Just briefly spoke to my Dad on the 'phone. He's a funny one. He's been having trouble with his health recently, and has been having a series of tests over the last 6 months or so. I figured from our recent text conversations that something had gone awry, in that he didn't answer my question when I asked how he was. We're meeting to discuss the fact that 'the doctors have found something, and it's not too serious, but we do need to talk.' So, I'm thinking an illness that isn't cancer, perhaps a benign tumour affecting his gut, or alternatively something serious but not immediately life-threatening.

It's frustrating, because I understand why he chose not to tell me over the 'phone, but to leave me hanging like that? I shall now spend the rest of the day probably working it over in my mind. Mind you, I'm not hurt or upset or even scared. I'd just like to know.

In other news, my aunt, who I had only 'met' twice, died last week. She had suffered with cancer for a few years, and I'm sad to hear that she's gone, but unfortunately the inevitability of it has made me less keen to the hurt. Or something. I really haven't expressed myself well here.

Just to re-iterate, this is an almost emotionless post - I'm not hurting. I am OK. Just thankful that my God is bigger than every situation.

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RH said...

Love you.