Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"Keep up the squeeze..."?

Somebody big in government, with a double-barreled name, has called for the UK to "keep up the squeeze" on Mugabe and his inner circle. If "keeping up the squeeze" involves ignoring the country and very occasionally mewing, although we can't put our finger on it, and this is very tentative, and it's not really our place to say, but if we have to, here it is: something might be wrong, then I would recommend a significantly tighter squeeze.


Walking into the library today, I spied snow laying on the flat roofs of some of the buildings around college, still two or three inches thick, and genuinely felt sorry for it. It had been left out of the frivolity of being trampled on, thrown about, made into igloos and snowmen and all other kinds of creatures. All because of the misfortune of landing on the roof, and will do nothing but lie there until the ice overcomes it or the sun melts it.


Rachel said...

You must've been bored in the Library ;)

David said...

How did you guess?!

Glad to know you're reading my blog, and keeping up with all the nothing going on in my life!