Monday, 19 September 2011

Some friends and stuff...

You may have spotted that I'm doing daily pictures. This is down to a lovely friend of mine, called Miriam who actually draws pretty things daily; and my own stubbornness. I definitely doubted if I could do it. Admittedly I've done less than a week. But that's about as regular as you can get around here. I'll write some stuff soon, too.


I would also strongly recommend you go over to The General Dance for thoughts much cleverer than mine. Also, Tim has just finished his MA, to much general applause and admiration, so it's entirely fitting to ask him when he's going to write his PhD. He REALLY likes that.* 

*He doesn't.


A minor piece of admin: I've changed the comments to moderated. It's not because I think I'm about to get a stream of vitriol, but because I'm getting a bit of spam. So, keep on commenting! However, I will only let the nice ones through. I am entirely bribable. 

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