Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Review: 31 Days to Find Your Blogging Mojo

Bryan Allain is, according to his own estimation, a 'Humor Writer, Blogging Coach, [and] Mammal'. I asked very sweetly if I could review his new book, 31 Days to Find Your Blogging Mojo, which, wins plus points for using the word 'mojo' in the title, and almost loses them again by being quite long-winded to say.

The basic essence of the book is that Bryan reckons 31 days of consistent effort on a blog - thinking creatively, editing, changing, and focussing your writing, will 'create lasting change'. The book is split into 31 chapters of a couple of pages each, every chapter taking a subject and expounding upon its importance to your blog. Not only that, Bryan then suggests an action (Today's Mojo Action) which helps focus the subject into practical suggestions to help you find your 'Blogging Mojo.'

There are pros and cons to the book. The most obvious thing to say is a positive: it's really very helpful. Having read the book quite quickly over two days, there's a lot that I'm sure I'll go back and read, digesting and responding to the action points. One could argue that what he has said is nothing new - you could pick up his suggestions from elsewhere, by being astute and reading blogs - but the crucial things here are the facts that a) it all comes together in one book, and b) the presentation. Bryan writes in a very colloquial style: easy to read and understand. I don't particularly find his brand of humour hilarious - part of me wonders if the humour in the book doesn't translate particularly well to the British psyche - but that doesn't stop how he writes being enjoyable to read, and simple to comprehend. Unfortunately, between chapters/days, Bryan inserts some of his humour material from his blog; unrelated and often odd. This jars a bit, and feels a little like filler. However, that aside, the actual material for the book sits well together, and genuinely feels like you're making a progression.

I guess the crucial question is this: would I change my blog after reading this book? Yes, I would. And I would recommend that you read it, and change your blog too. Or start a blog. This book is ideal for all levels of bloggers, beginners or old hands.

If you really want to blog to the best of your ability, but aren't quite sure how, this book is a great buy.

Find it at, or as an e-book for Kindle from Amazon.

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