Monday, 1 November 2010

Prayer, part two.

So, I was praying the other day, while walking home from football training. It was my usual stumbling through a few thoughts and occasionally uttering them out loud. My mind wandered, and sometimes I'd pray for the things my mind wandered to, and sometimes I didn't. I would be loathe to say that the whole time I was walking - or limping, I suppose - I was in prayerful bliss, but somehow, I knew that I was having a very languid conversation with the Almighty.

Then I found myself saying "Sorry, God..."

Sometimes, those words are out of my mouth before I realise what I think I'm sorry for. Maybe I'm just a closet Catholic, but I seem to think that unless I apologise for every minor misdemeanour, God won't listen to me.

And, rather ridiculously, I was apologising for not saying enough, and letting my mind wander while 'praying'. Then I thought to myself, what if God delights in any conversation? Even if it is a mumbled "Please help Auntie Maud and her arthritis," or even "Cool... leaves to stamp on."

I was talking to a wise man yesterday about all and sundry, and somehow we got around to what God thinks of sin. I postulated that God cares less about sin than we do, and thankfully, the wise man agreed. But, perhaps he also cares less about prayer than we do. I mean, proper, thought-out, coherent prayers. Maybe, just maybe, he loves every snatch of conversation he can get, and waits patiently for us to talk to him again.


Elizabeth said...

So... I relate to that, all of it, well, apart from the Football thing. I think, somehow, I have a feeling of 'guilt' that my rambled conversation with God weren't 'good enough' and unfortunately, I stopped. But you're right, God delights in those times, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Well said David. Thank you, I needed to hear that. I am all the time apologizing to God for everything... but nothing in particular. I think he will not hear me if i do not ask first. And then I often get flustered by thinking that i did not ask well enough for forgiveness and totally forget what I was talking to him about in the first place. It is nice to think that God is waiting to hear something from me no matter small it is. Very uplifting. But also sad to think that is where my mind has gotten stuck at.

David said...

I'm glad some things I said rang true, and were a help. I can certainly see myself in what you say.

But we press on, don't we? I'll endeavour to pray for you. Thanks for stopping by, and all the best.