Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pete and his problems...

The Rt Revd Peter Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden has been asked to step back from public offices, (although, hasn't been suspended) for saying saying some disparaging remarks about the forthcoming royal wedding on Facebook. Before the request to 'step back' from the Bishop of London, Bishop Broadbent apologised duly and fully.

Amusingly enough, I more or less agree with what he said, even if I don't quite agree with how he said it. However, knowing full well the dangers of public forums and high handed officials, there was perhaps a lapse of thought when posted said comments to Facebook, but, oh look, he apologised for that.

Yes, it was silly.

No, it's not worth asking one of your most forward-thinking Bishops to step back.

Just my tuppenc'orth. Any thoughts?


Tim Goodall. said...

I think that this is exactly the thing we need our Bishops to be saying - much of it is truth, name calling perhaps silly. But now he is a voice and will be listened to (albeit with some scorn from some sections of the press) when he says anything again.

He is also spot on. The country now has a new god they can worship... poor Kate.

David said...

Aye, didn't think about that. He's (or at least some of the press have) put him very much in the public square.

Nickname unavailable said...

But with the name calling, he insulted the Sovereign; the Supreme Governor of the CofE, The Prince of Wales; the future SG, and the 3rd in line.. and his late mother.. and his future bride.. and all their Royal ancestors.. and mocked the sanctity of marriage.

So he insulted the board of directors and pooh-poohed one of his employers 'products' as it were.


David said...

I hear you bro, but, church and state? Really?

And any offense caused, he apologised for. As the Supreme Governor, I'm sure the Queen has found it in her heart to forgive him.

As for the point out the sanctity of marriage, I don't think the royal family, or any royalists, can claim that the royal family has ever been the most upright family in regards to marriage.

Jonathan Marriott said...

Well, the CofE IS the State Church.. and yes, I'm sure HM rolled her eyes, called him an idiot and then graciously forgave him.

HM own marriage, and that of her parents, are/were lovely examples. HRH Wills has said he wants to emulate his grandparents long marriage and why shouldn't he?

(If Christianity was working properly, wouldn't the State/Church be one and the same?)