Monday, 25 October 2010

I couldn't eat a whole one...

So, yesterday I heard a story about a girl. Let's call her, oh, I dunno, Sophie. That seems like a nice enough name. Now, Sophie is a very pleasant girl, and clearly very bright, as she's studying a subject that is quite difficult at a big school called 'university'. However, Sophie is prone to do some silly things, which is where this story begins.

Sophie recently moved into a very nice flat in a town far, far away, to start her studies at university. When she moved in, she met 5 other girls in her flat, all British, but some from different ethnicities. She enjoyed getting to know them, and spending time with her flat mates.

One day, she got a text from her boyfriend, enquiring about eating establishments in her town: 'Have you seen any nice Indians in your new town?' A fairly reasonable request, especially as no-one wants to eat a bad Rogan Josh.

But, unfortunately, Sophie misunderstood this, and her reply was as follows:

'...well, I've met this nice girl called Amita.'

What a silly Sophie.

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Elizabeth said...

I saw it coming, but still made me laugh!