Saturday, 23 October 2010

Guess who's back?

My brother, being the lovely nerd that he is, was looking through his boarding cards of flights he has been on, and saw that eight years ago yesterday, the 22nd of October 2002, we flew on Concorde. We sped over the Atlantic, getting to New York in three or so hours.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of space in said aeroplane, it was a lot like being in Economy for a flight to Spain. Aside, of course, for the caviar. And the big board up the front telling quite how high we were, how fast we went, and how long we were going for. Which, when you're going faster than the speed of sound, are extraordinarily large numbers, and not very helpful.

So, thanks to my Dad for arranging it, thanks for my brother for chaperoning me, and thanks to British Airways for flying a loss-making aeroplane for the sake of going really, really fast.


Apparently, I'm now allowed to use this little image on my blog, which is nice. Can't decide whether I would be subscribing to The Man in doing it though. Oh, heck, why not? Any ideas as to where I would put it?

Also, if anyone else wants to add images to my blog for free advertising, y'know, I'm clearly not a principled man.


Just spied an email from, a Christian book/music/tat supplier, which seems to specialise in middle-of-the-road media. I often peruse said emails to see what they're foisting upon Christians, often sadly shaking my head when it comes to the CDs. Anyway, this morning turned up a new feeling: The C.S. Lewis Bible. The idea is a nice one: the NRSV Bible, juxtaposed with some of Lewis' writings, endeavouring to see where his theology is taken from. However, something in me is disquieted by the idea of a C.S. Lewis Bible. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'd love an image on your blog, your holiness: please feel free to pillage this page for any that might fit:

As for the C S Lewis Bible ... I wonder what C S Lewis would make of it? Somehow I can't see him being particularly enamoured by the idea. I don't like these repackaged Bibles: they're just a money-spinner for the publishers, a waste of time and resources that would be much better spent, if we're going to spend it on Bible production, supporting Bible translation. I've blogged on this topic several times: see my many and various Wycliffe posts:

To quote myself: it’s yet another edition of the Bible for those who already have more versions, translations and special editions than they know what to do with, for whom Bibles have become hardly anything more than fashion accessories: the rich continue to get richer whilst the poor continue to struggle and do without; and that, gentle reader, is plain wrong.

So even better than grabbing one of my UKCBD link images, grab this one and link to Wycliffe:

Anonymous said...

Ooh, blogger is so friggin' primitive!! Why can't it parse a URL?? Time to move to Wordpress, my friend...

OK, I'll do the links myself:

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion here too: A Babel of Bibles ... only it isn't a Babel coz they're all in English...

Julia said...

I could probably understand a "C.S.Lewis Companion to The Bible", but editing him into it seems a little too far... I'd hate to be the person who came up with the idea... putting himself in the firing line for all "the plagues in this book". I've not been a fan of locusts and boils at the best of times.