Thursday, 9 September 2010

my world vision stops at the sea

You may have heard of this. All the appeals for this to stop seem to be falling on deaf ears.

The church involved is called Dove World Outreach Centre. The irony of the name, and the fact that it claims on the church website that it has been transformed from 'a local church to an apostolic church with a world vision' are hopefully not lost on us. How do you have a 'world vision' and yet be so shortsighted to be unable see that an event such as burning the Qu'ran will incite others to numerous acts of violence.

And another problem. The infamous pastor, Terry Jones, is quoted as saying that he has 'no experience of the Qu'ran, whatsoever'. Yet he still claims it is evil. A rather tenuous, and unfortunate way to go about gaining notoriety.


Kristi said...

Hey! Kristi, from Thimble Thoughts here. I found your blog surfing tonight.

It is an evil book, that's for sure. I haven't read it in its entirety, nor do I want to. I have, however, read portions of it and what I have read is really unbelievable. And without sounding like an egotisticle Christian, the Bible is the final authority on living. I would caution anyone to be careful of reading it. Just sayin...

On the subject of violence, you are absolutely correct!!!

We have military, missionaries, and American people working over there that are already targets. And this has made it much worse. Have you seen the uproar in Muslim streets as they string up a dummy in representation of this preacher and burn him? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he and his family and even his church were targeted as an act of terrorism. What he is doing is drawing men to himself and not to Christ. It's insane.

Don't get me wrong, as an American I think he should be able to burn as many as he wants without interference from our government. And in my humble opinion, the media has played a HUGE part in endangering lives of innocent people and soldiers over in the "hot spots." They should shut down and ignore people like him. But we don't want ratings to drop, now do we? LOL

Anyway, I think he has a right to burn the Qu'ran, but as Christians we don't have to burn the Qu'ran. Forever, Oh, Lord, THY WORD is settled in Heaven. God will judge the Muslim.


David said...

Hey Kristi, thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your thoughts and the time you've taken over what you've said.

I agree, the Bible is the Word of God. However, to say that the Qu'ran is 'evil' is strong language. Some might use the term 'misguided', perhaps?

What you say about the media - I couldn't have put it better myself!

However, I DON'T think he has a right to burn the Qu'ran. Legally, yes, perhaps he does, but there is no way that burning a book regarded by 1.5 billion people as the Word of God is loving your neighbour, or your enemy, for that matter.

And you're right - He'll judge the Muslim. And the Agnostic, the Jew, the Atheist, the Sikh, and the Christian. I just pray we've got this right.