Monday, 7 June 2010

You still haven't found what you're looking for

My friendly search engine/stalking machine/Big Brother let me know that some poor soul came upon my blog via a search for: 'what's needed to be a theology student?'

Now, I reckon my blog does little to answer that question, so I'm going to rectify this clear oversight:
  • You need to want to learn. Obvious, perhaps, but I have known students who stick to their guns so much that they fail to take onboard anything they are taught. If you're going to do this, save yourself a few thousand quid and stay at home.
  • Have a sense of humour. Seriously.
  • Know the Bible. People who wander into theological institutions (like myself) with a pretty hazy knowledge of the Bible are just asking for trouble. You will get battered and bruised.
  • No, really, have a sense of humour.
  • Be aware that a good theological institution will teach you how to think, not what to think. You're not studying theology to become a carbon copy of your lecturers (however good they may be), you're studying theology to engage with God of Scripture.
  • No, I'm not joking: have a sense of humour.
  • Listen to your lecturers. You may not like them, their style, or what they teach you. But listen, nonetheless. I regret the times I drifted off (purposefully or accidently) and missed absolute gems.
  • Er... yeah, sense of humour.
  • Finally, and most importantly (I think), be willing to make your theology work in the real world. There is no point studying theology and being tight-fisted, ungracious, and proud.
I think that's just about all I have to say on the matter, in blog-form anyway. Anyone who wants to pitch in, feel free. As MxPx once said, 'We're all just learning as we go...'


Elizabeth said...
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Swandive said...

Nicely put, Mr M.

philgroom said...

Books and chocolate. You can't study theology without books and chocolate. So you need to budget for these. Not for anything else: you don't need to budget for clothes, for instance: clothes are irrelevant and unnecessary: you can dress in old newspapers or chocolate wrappers if you budget for lots of chocolate. Or even the dust jackets from the books if you buy hardbacks.