Monday, 12 April 2010

Election - the chosen ones...

I'm feeling a friend cull on Facebook coming up. I also notice that recently, someone called an Election. (As Chris Addison said: 'Gordon Brown's gone to the country. Which is a stupid place to go. Doesn't he know there is an election on?). Anyway, as these two things have sort of merged, mainly in my conscience as opposed to anyone elses, I think one might be causal to the other.

No, I don't mean that deleting friends will sway me to vote for a particular party. That would be ridiculous.

The idea is to delete those 'friends' who, without justifiable reason, do not vote in the election. I think this a good idea, however, I'm biased, because I thought of it. So, the decision falls to you, dear readers. We shall have a little vote of our own, and exercise our right to democracy. The fate of the lazy, anarchistic and cynical depends on you.


I am well aware that I'm still taking my own sweet time with the reader's requests. Sorry. They will be done when I have a moment to be whimsical and foolish.


This website always brings me much joy, as a photographer. I hope it does you too.


Anonymous said...

There is a flaw in your plan. How will you know who votes and who doesn't?

I love that website too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wot? A flaw in the Marriott's plan?? Surely not!

Flaws are easily dealt with: you call Peggy. She either gets the vacuum cleaner out and sucks 'em clean or she polishes 'em till they're spotless.

Vote for Peggy! Peggy for Prime Minister!!

Elizabeth said...
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