Monday, 2 March 2009

So much

I have just read three blogs of two dear friends and they are both communicating a lack of hope, and I have no idea how to change that. So terribly difficult to know how to be useful in such a situation.


Had my first lecture with Jules Gomes this afternoon, where over the next 10 weeks of college, we'll be looking at sexuality. Possibly the most excited I've been about lectures in a long while. Jules is actually a fantastic lecturer, and has a wonderful accent. Brought up in India, with a PhD from Cambridge, he's got better diction and enunciation than the majority of some of the English lecturers.

Oh, and speaking of lecturers, a discussion regarding LST Lecturer Top Trumps took place last night. Watch this space.


So, I have given up Facebook. (Which I was quite glad about, reading this. Although, you have to be a numpty to fall for such things.) However, someone pointed out the almost futile nature of giving up Facebook to pick up Twitter. I can't waste hours on Twitter, though. This all said, I still waste hours, and I don't feel I have sacrificed anything, created any time, found myself with nothing to do. I'm still run off my feet with job applications and a couple of essays. I desperately want to be on top of things, but I'm finding it terribly difficult to motivate myself. Mind you, I have no excuse, I'm just a lazy bum.

In a vaguely related point, I really want to keep up with Web 2.0, but don't want to be subject to it. Blogging and other such larks are wonderful, but I dislike the thought of needing to keep the world informed with me via such mediums, or dying for affirmation from perfect strangers. Which I worry it will become. Oh, for a happy medium.


In other news, this wonderful lady discovered this and posted it on her blog. Have fun.


Finally, I will post other, fun, less self-important things when I get over myself, and find things to write about.

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