Monday, 23 March 2009


When I said I got a job, what I actually meant is that they offered me it. I still haven't accepted. But, by this afternoon, I shall probably have done so. This, as they say, is where the poop hits the fast rotating metal blades. Which is just a messy analogy. I'm scared. Genuinely feeling a little fear creep into my gut. But I know, ultimately, God is in control.

Gah. Platitudes.


I heard rumours on the wind of the possibility of the IPL coming to England. I'm terribly, terribly excited if it does. Just think, moseying on down to Lords to watch the Knight Riders vs. the Royals. Don't know how much tickets will be, but I'm SO there.


A frustrating piece of news: just because she's married to a murdering, selfish, arrogant thug, it would seem that Grace Mugabe can get away with it as well. Ridiculous law. She needs to be punished, as anyone would be when they attack someone with a weapon. Utterly annoying.

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