Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top Three Catholic Apps

The Catholic Church, bless their cotton vestments, has given the OK to an app on the iPhone which guides you through your confession, according to the BBC.

I knew this was something significant to blog about, but wondered quite seriously about what angle to take upon such an event. I then abandoned all trains of thought and went for flippancy, as my default setting.

So, what other apps could the Catholic Church approve of? My top 3 suggestions for potential developers out there.

1. Angry Birds - set in the modern era, you are a frustrated Catholic woman who has had her rights stolen by some (green) prigs. You have to use charm, logic and a working knowledge of physics (but just remember what they did to Galileo!) to try and break down out-dated values. Unending gameplay - you never successfully complete the mission!

2. The Sins - design, build and control people and places. You decide what is right and wrong, and can duly punish those who go against your will. You are limited to what the Creator of the app has designed, but other than that, it seems you're pretty much in charge of your little world!

3. Need For Speed: Popemobile™ - you are the driver of the Popemobile™, and you have to make your way slowly through crowds of adoring worshippers. Don't turn too quickly, or you might topple the potentate! Various slow-driving scenarios available, in over 25 world cities!

Any further additions to the broadening Catholic iPhone app stable? Get involved.


I must note that the above is pure flippancy, and not meant to be taken seriously.


Phil Hibbert said...

What about a Hail Mary app? Self explanatory really.

David said...

Nice. You could probably pray for the dead while you're at it.

Swandive said...

I just found you funny!