Tuesday, 23 February 2010

On Stupid Headlines

The BBC have today been running a report on an NHS Trust in Staffordshire.

The headline that the BBC have gone with is "Hospital left patients 'sobbing.'" Not, as elsewhere reported in the story, "400 'needless' deaths," "Patients routinely neglected," or even "Hospital in Staffordshire is a bit rubbish, really." A bizarre and ridiculous focus on the human element, complete with pictures of people looking unhappy. I fully acknowledge there is a human cost to this - the NHS, for all its brilliance, considerably loses its sheen when it chases after money-saving measures and target-driven ideals, as opposed to, er, life-saving measures and people-driven ideals. But seriously - prioritising the living who were driven to tears of frustration instead of, well, 400 dead people is a strange choice to make.

I know, if I had a choice, which I'd rather be. And thus, I'd rather see a headline not about me.

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