Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Chorus

I just watched this film, at the recommendation of la Tash. So glad I did. The singing is absolutely astonishing. I loved it, despite it being in French. Tash is slowly educating me in the way of indie films. Thus far I've experienced two French films, which is just weird. I thought everything spoke English nowadays...?


Sigur Rós and War & Peace arrived today. I'm letting the Icelandic stuff just happen to me, chronologically, as it were. What I've heard thus far has been amazing. I've also read a bit of War & Peace. I thoroughly underestimated the size of the book. I have a summer to plough through 1350 or so pages. I'm up to 25. Not too far to go now.


I am aware how boring and inverted I am being recently. I have yet to pronounce opinions on any topics in the news recently, which is slightly boring of me. I must work out a system of writing down thoughts I have that doesn't include the back of my hand, because that's one of the most abhorrent things I can think of.


Talking of my hands, I am shocked at the shock of so many people to my having the nails on my left hand painted pink. I'm not aware of it being that bizarre, but I've come across people who seem to be struggling to get over it. I think I'm just keeping it on now to rile people, which is probably the wrong reason. Fun, though.

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